Monday, October 31, 2011

film: holga + shanghai100 push to 400 + PMK developer

We just come back from our trip to sea side . I was very excited because I may new toy Holga 120 GN. As always i used shanghai gp3 film . It was my first try shoot with holga so i decided push film to 400 . I am also exited because first time i used PMK pyro developer.

developer: PMK pyro 1a+2b+100 / 10ml +20ml + 1 litre water 23C
pre wash: 3min
time: 15 min, 1 agitation every 15 sec
rinse: 2 minutes
fixer:10 minutes
staining bath in used developer: 3 min constant agitation
wash: 20 minutes

Results below