Saturday, October 8, 2011

coffenol: first time with coffenol c-l

After some experiments with coffenol I decide to try coffenol c-l  with potassium bromide. I have 0,5 kg potassium bromide for collodion mixes so why not use it for coffe based developer.

4x5 shanghai iso 100 , exposure time 1/2 sec ( lens cap shutter ) f:5,6 green filter.

developer ingredients :
40g instant coffe / 1l
10g vitamin c /1l
16g washing soda /1l
1g potassium bromide /1l

mixing :
coffee in 0,5 liter water
washing soda , vitamin C and potassium bromide  in 0,5 liter water
later mix both to 1 liter of developer 

20 C 70 minutes semi stand. Agitation first 30 sec and later 3 times in 2,4,8,15,30 minute.

It looks something went wrong. Negatives come out very thin and somehow they are like ambrotype images.When seeing to light they are negative images but when put on black they are positives.

I need definitely play more with this mix maybe i will discover how to make first films ambrotypes !!!

More information about collodion mixes on .

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