Monday, October 31, 2011

film: holga + shanghai100 push to 400 + PMK developer

We just come back from our trip to sea side . I was very excited because I may new toy Holga 120 GN. As always i used shanghai gp3 film . It was my first try shoot with holga so i decided push film to 400 . I am also exited because first time i used PMK pyro developer.

developer: PMK pyro 1a+2b+100 / 10ml +20ml + 1 litre water 23C
pre wash: 3min
time: 15 min, 1 agitation every 15 sec
rinse: 2 minutes
fixer:10 minutes
staining bath in used developer: 3 min constant agitation
wash: 20 minutes

Results below

Sunday, October 30, 2011

collodion: Hugh

Last week my scottish friend visit my studio for photo-shoot. Hugh is a singer , performer english teacher and actor in Beijing.Please check this out to read more about him  Hugh Reed and the Velvet Underpants.


Friday, October 21, 2011

collodion: Agata

After shooting Kalvin my new friend Agata arrived. She is very talented architect and beautiful woman. I want to try my new Poe Boy collodion mix. This is John Coffer mix without ether.I was nervous because its my first mix and the result is bellow.

Image is brighter and colours are more yellowish not grey. I need to say I am successful with my first mix.
Bellow plate Jin Jun mix with ether colours are gray.

collodion: Kalvin

Last week together with Jin Jun we shoot some pictures of Kalvin . This is my try :). I just shoot one plate.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ilford fp4 + coffenol c-l + me = disaster

Today i scanned by my camera ilford fp4 negative developed in coffenol c-l. Results are bellow :( . Thin negative, very bad quality of pictures , pictures are not sharp at all.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

coffenol: first time with coffenol c-l

After some experiments with coffenol I decide to try coffenol c-l  with potassium bromide. I have 0,5 kg potassium bromide for collodion mixes so why not use it for coffe based developer.

4x5 shanghai iso 100 , exposure time 1/2 sec ( lens cap shutter ) f:5,6 green filter.

developer ingredients :
40g instant coffe / 1l
10g vitamin c /1l
16g washing soda /1l
1g potassium bromide /1l

mixing :
coffee in 0,5 liter water
washing soda , vitamin C and potassium bromide  in 0,5 liter water
later mix both to 1 liter of developer 

20 C 70 minutes semi stand. Agitation first 30 sec and later 3 times in 2,4,8,15,30 minute.

It looks something went wrong. Negatives come out very thin and somehow they are like ambrotype images.When seeing to light they are negative images but when put on black they are positives.

I need definitely play more with this mix maybe i will discover how to make first films ambrotypes !!!

More information about collodion mixes on .

Friday, October 7, 2011

i am a collector right now :)

Long time ago I started collecting small mini cooper models, right now I have about 40 of them. When I started falling in love with photography, I then started collecting cameras. after a while, I had a lot in my collection, but later I figured out that I would only keep those which I use; so in the end I sold mostly all of them.

Two weeks ago I received packages from USA with nice tiny types and one small cased ambrotype.

I am totally impressed with the quality of these pictures , each of them is a small masterpiece. I especially like the ones of people in cars and of small children.

I wonder how they were staying still during the exposure.  

I am very happy with my purchases and looking forward to grow my vintage pictures collection.

Thursday, October 6, 2011 my private website about wet plate photography where You may find links to my projects.   

collodion: di jin jun photographer , my collodion teacher

This is portrait of my friend and collodion teacher Di Jin Jun. He is photographer and journalist in magazine. Collodion is what he love to do but he also have great photographs taken with film or digital. Please check his website  to see more of his works.

as always behind scenes picture

Jin Jun portret taken with my home made 4x5 red wood camera and unbranded magic lantern lens. One octabox (2000 watt), 6 second exposure time. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

collodion: frame maker portrait

Currently after more than one year of waiting i start making images with collodion :) and its becomes my favourite photography technique. What i really love about it ,is this magical moment when after putting plate to fixer image appear.This is portrait of my chinese friend owner of frame store. Quality of this picture isn't good ( fog ,etc.)and the reason of that is dirty silver bath   Bellow some backstage pictures. 

While i left my home made 4x5 red wood camera in factory as prototype i made this picture with Graflex Crown and my as always unbranded magic lantern petzval lens.

As plate holder i used my home made wooden plate holder which is copy of 4x5 holders.I will write post about this holder.

I used 2 fluorescent lights octaboxes  each about 2000 watt ( 7x85 watt light bulbs ) camera left and camera right. 9 seconds exposure time.  

scanner photography

Some time ago i find some information about scanner photography and decide to try.It was very interesting and exciting to connect scanner to camera and turn into huge digital back.I didn't have that huge camera so i decided to make one.
First i made foam board prototype which was working great. Scanner camera is working almost like old viewing cameras. First stop is focusing with ground glass ,second instead of glass plate or film put scanner on camera back. Bellow pictures from this set up.  

Each exposure is about 8 second and subject needs to stay still until scanner sensor stop reading view from lens.

Pictures are scanned in 600 dpi to tiff files ( about 70 mg each ). Later they are process in photoshop.

Medicated scanners on Windows system may only working with VueScan software. More about scanner photography in next posts