Monday, April 30, 2012

4x5: KW Negopock + Harman Direct Positive Paper + Caffenol

Finally yesterday I have pleasure to test my modify KW Negopock camera. Modification allow me to use standard 4x5 film holder. As You may see on picture picture area in Kw camera is slightly smaller that 4x5.

Picture was taken on Harman direct positive FB paper . After experimenting with Adox Adolux R09 1:100 as developer with not much success I decided to use caffenol as developer.

Paper was measure on iso 3. Shoot in available light ( north side window ), F 5.6 ,8 sec exposure time. 

Its hard to buy here soda carbonate/washing soda main ingredient of this developer so i decided make it myself. I bought sodium bicarbonate/baking powder and heat in oven for 1 hour. I didn't notice much change just taste change to more sour :).

Caffenol recipe used for this picture:

400 ml water
3 table spoons of coffee
2 table spoons of baked sodium bicarbonate
lime juice (1)/ while i didn't have vitamin C

Developing took about 5 minutes.

I am very pleased with results. Picture isn't to contrasty I have nice mid-tones as well. I cannot wait to make more experiments.   

Monday, April 9, 2012

4x5: KW Negopock camera modification

Today I decided to modify my KW Negopock Camera.I bought this camera without film holders. I try to find holders on ebay but is very hard so I decided modify camera back.It took me two hours some cardboard and black tape. I just need prepare ground glass and be ready to shoot.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

digital: danni+ xperia arc s + instagram

6x9: Brownie box + portrait lens

Pictures bellow are results of my photo-shoot with my friend Lucy Telford. We used Brownie Box camera with portrait lens attached. Camera three and half foot from subject. Unfortunately on some pictures we caught my umbrella.

Shanghai Gp3 100 pushed to 400 F16 1 sec exposure. Flash trigged with hand. Lens cap as shutter.

Friday, April 6, 2012

archives: dry plates + contact prints

While I was living in Iceland I meet very nice owner of antiques shop. After very nice conversation she gave me two old dry plates. One day I decided to contact print them and effect is bellow. I used Ilford Multigrade IV paper and Harman warm tone paper developer.Plates are very dark and dirty , it took me a lot of tries to achieve this quality.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

digital: nokia n8 + macro test

As much I like shooting film I like play with digital images. I am not photography purist and digital photography have big place in my life. Some time ago I decided open blog with Zofia pictures and most of them are shoot with my phone camera which I always have with me. After testing Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S I decided to buy Nokia N8. Camera on this phone is fantastic - jpg quality , clarity of pictures , colours.

Pictures was shoot with Nikon AF600 lens attached. All pictures straight from camera no colour correction etc. As a model I used my KW Negopock 9x12 camera. 

4x5 : Graflex + Xiaoling Wang

Monday, April 2, 2012

6x9: Brownie Box + Kodak Verichrome Pan 120

When I bought Brownie Box camera from flea market I didn't know that its have film inside - Kodak Verichrome Pan 120 . Luckily all film was shoot and ready for developing. After checking internet I found times and develop in Adox R09. Film come out grainy but usable. Below are results :).