Monday, December 26, 2011

toys: Marion Perfection camera

Finally I receive my first big large format camera. Its 10x12 inch camera made by Marion company about 100 years ago. Camera is in fair condition and required a lot of cleaning.
Wood and bellows were very dirty , especially bellows inside contain very old and smelly dust :(. I took me 2 hours to clean this properly. While cleaning bellows I discover some light leaks but I think that some hockey cloth tape should help :). After cleaning I apply sesame oil on wood parts which give wood very nice shine!!!
Camera still need some work brass parts but this for right now it may wait.   

Camera comes with 3 film holders 10x12 inch , one holder have insert for 8x10 inch film. Holders are also in fair condition and need some work. All of them are made by Graflex Corporation.

I really cannot wait for first pictures come out from this baby :).

Thursday, December 15, 2011

35mm: Lucky 100 pushed to 800 in hc-110

This is my second roll with Ricoh R1 this time I decided push lucky 100 to 800 which required hacking dx code. Film was  pushed in hc-100 1 hour stand development 20 C.
Thanks to my friend Pho-Tongrafica for developing and scan this roll for me.

I don't know how it possible but i got light leaks :( .

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

new place new begining

On 12 December I am moving to Edinburgh and it will be big change compare to living in China.  I sold my bellowed Graflex my first large format camera. I wish  I may take Graflex with me but its to heavy and I also had very good price. Here in China cameras are totally overpriced.

Selling Graflex  allow me to buy new toy something which I always would like to have.
I bought Marion & Co Perfection 10x12 inch camera with 3 film holders. Camera will be ship to me when I arrive Scotland. Camera need some work but it shouldn't be problem to refurbish this one.  

I try to find more information about this camera and bellow is what I found on

"Marion and Company Ltd was a camera maker in London (from an earlier company in Paris[1]) from the early 1840s until 1921, when the company was one of the seven British firms which merged to form APM. Marion & Co. Ltd was only the last name of the company, which was founded as Augustin Marion, and changed its name several times[2]. The company also changed its address in London several times before settling in Soho Square. This address led to the Soho name being applied to some of the company's most successful products, including the Soho Reflex range of cameras of the early 20th century. The name Soho was also preserved in the names of later companies arising from the break-up of APM, Soho Ltd and Kershaw-Soho."

Pictures bellow are taken by ebay seller.

Definitely moving to Edinburgh will be also new begining on my photography way.

website update

Finally my website was updated. Right now all my collodion pictures are display in slideshow gallery with manual controls.

I wish You like it :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

collodion: Danni

Finally we find time to shoot Danni portraits. It was also my last photoshoot in Beijing, next plates in Edinburgh. For close up picture I used my beloved unbranded petzval for half body shoots old PZO 110mm f:4,5 polish enlargement lens. I was surprise that its cover 4x5 inch plate.

collodion: Me by Danni

Sunday, November 27, 2011

collodion: Nikolaus

Flickr is good thing.Four days ago Nikolaus send flickrme massage and its how we meet.Nikolaus is chinese contemporary art collector and merchant. Please check his flickr photostream here to check what he is doin.

I asked that he would like model for me and bellow you have result

Saturday, November 26, 2011

35mm: Ricoh R1 + lucky 100 + hc-110

Two weeks ago I bought Ricoh R1 as faulty. It didn't work i went to Wokesong camera market here in Beijing and they repair for me.Summary I paid 15 pounds. Lcd and viewfinder not working properly , I cannot see frame numbers and focus in viewfinder.

First thing which I done was modify panorama mode, all picture taken with 24mm f8 lens.
I use lucky 100 film  ( which terrible ) in hc-110. 13 min 1:63 20 C

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Yesterday I shoot my friend Vojtech and collodion teach me lesson , deffinitly it wasn't my day.I had huge problem to get acceptable results i shoot about 8 plates this one is the best. Unfortunately after washing I scratch :( this one.

Thank to Agata , great artist , photographer , person for make up and help.
Poe boy collodion formula , black acrylic.