Wednesday, December 7, 2011

new place new begining

On 12 December I am moving to Edinburgh and it will be big change compare to living in China.  I sold my bellowed Graflex my first large format camera. I wish  I may take Graflex with me but its to heavy and I also had very good price. Here in China cameras are totally overpriced.

Selling Graflex  allow me to buy new toy something which I always would like to have.
I bought Marion & Co Perfection 10x12 inch camera with 3 film holders. Camera will be ship to me when I arrive Scotland. Camera need some work but it shouldn't be problem to refurbish this one.  

I try to find more information about this camera and bellow is what I found on

"Marion and Company Ltd was a camera maker in London (from an earlier company in Paris[1]) from the early 1840s until 1921, when the company was one of the seven British firms which merged to form APM. Marion & Co. Ltd was only the last name of the company, which was founded as Augustin Marion, and changed its name several times[2]. The company also changed its address in London several times before settling in Soho Square. This address led to the Soho name being applied to some of the company's most successful products, including the Soho Reflex range of cameras of the early 20th century. The name Soho was also preserved in the names of later companies arising from the break-up of APM, Soho Ltd and Kershaw-Soho."

Pictures bellow are taken by ebay seller.

Definitely moving to Edinburgh will be also new begining on my photography way.

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