Monday, December 26, 2011

toys: Marion Perfection camera

Finally I receive my first big large format camera. Its 10x12 inch camera made by Marion company about 100 years ago. Camera is in fair condition and required a lot of cleaning.
Wood and bellows were very dirty , especially bellows inside contain very old and smelly dust :(. I took me 2 hours to clean this properly. While cleaning bellows I discover some light leaks but I think that some hockey cloth tape should help :). After cleaning I apply sesame oil on wood parts which give wood very nice shine!!!
Camera still need some work brass parts but this for right now it may wait.   

Camera comes with 3 film holders 10x12 inch , one holder have insert for 8x10 inch film. Holders are also in fair condition and need some work. All of them are made by Graflex Corporation.

I really cannot wait for first pictures come out from this baby :).

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