Wednesday, October 5, 2011

collodion: frame maker portrait

Currently after more than one year of waiting i start making images with collodion :) and its becomes my favourite photography technique. What i really love about it ,is this magical moment when after putting plate to fixer image appear.This is portrait of my chinese friend owner of frame store. Quality of this picture isn't good ( fog ,etc.)and the reason of that is dirty silver bath   Bellow some backstage pictures. 

While i left my home made 4x5 red wood camera in factory as prototype i made this picture with Graflex Crown and my as always unbranded magic lantern petzval lens.

As plate holder i used my home made wooden plate holder which is copy of 4x5 holders.I will write post about this holder.

I used 2 fluorescent lights octaboxes  each about 2000 watt ( 7x85 watt light bulbs ) camera left and camera right. 9 seconds exposure time.  

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