Friday, January 13, 2012

toys: Negopock 9x12 camera

Checking one of my favourite blogs I found post about worlds smallest large format camera K.W. Patent Etui 9x12cm - here.

I really like this camera especially for small size and beautiful made so I decide make some research about camera and camera maker.
Every Camera Has a Story: KW, the Patent Etui, and John H. Noble  - this is what I found . It is great article about Patent Etui and history K.W factory.

After searching ebay I found one for sale in not bed condition but working shutter and big benefit original sale book. On sellers pictures camera looked totally bad because they were taken with flash and i think its the reason why not much people bid.

The most amazing in this all story is that I paid exactly the some price as camera was sold new 18 pounds. ( prices are shown on book ). So KW Negopock with dallmeyer serrac f:4.5 lens cost 18 pounds.

Camera is really light and small as You may see on pictures bellow it have rise and tilt possibility. Compur shutter works good on I all speeds looks to work fine but its sticky an B and T .

Camera comes without film holder so right know I need hunt for them.



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